Jim and Bobbie Puryear


Jim Puryear has been tremendously blessed his entire life. That fact is something he acknowledges and is deeply thankful for every day. Another fact he’s grateful for is the fact that he gets to count himself and his wife Bobbie among one of the most uplifting and gracious communities in the world. The people who work with Jim and Bobbie in their business are more than just colleagues and associates; they’re also their friends and family—they are their community.

How do Jim and Bobbie give back to their community? For one thing, they believe in being opportunity creators. Like Jim’s hero and role model, Ronald Reagan, they subscribe to the belief that a rising tide lifts all ships. The Puryears have seen firsthand the way that a free enterprise economy positively impacts a community. As people who own their own business, they work hard to maintain positive relationships with the people in their community and have expanded their efforts into helping others realize and achieve their dreams.

With the help of Bobbie, his wife, they have managed to grow their business exponentially and reach out to thousands of people who are just looking to make a better life for themselves. Through their business, those people have the unique opportunity to do just that—to provide a better life for themselves and for their families. In the end, that is what community is all about: helping one another to achieve the best possible outcomes in life.

Beyond helping others in their community by providing opportunities through their business, Jim and Bobbie, also believe in giving back to the community through outreach and service. Because he has been so continually blessed, Jim feels it is his willing obligation to spread that joy and that spiritual (and often literal) wealth with those around him. He and his wife believe in the adage, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” With that philosophy in mind, they hope to teach everyone they can how to fish—and be fishers of men.


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